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We desire to build a culture of intentionally gospel-centered relationships and we believe that requires clear communication. Therefore, we don't just want you to download our app so we can communicate with you; we want to invite you to join the Requiem workspace on Slack so that you can easily communicate with us and with each other. To sign up for free and stay in the loop, click "Join the Conversation" below!

Requiem exists to help suffering people find rest in a strong & beautiful God.

When & Where

Worship Gathering

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM
504 E.12th Street
Alton, IL 62002
Building a culture of pursuit takes time and effort. If we desire to spark a movement of helping suffering people in our city find rest in a strong & beautiful God, we must embrace this reality and commit to pursuing Christ together. At Requiem, this happens at our mid-week Worship Gatherings as we pray, sing, preach, and respond to  God's Word together.
*Note: We will gather for worship the last Wednesday of the month from January-March;  
weekly gatherings will begin in April

Gospel Community

Sundays @ 9:00 AM
4642 Camellia Pl
Alton, IL 62002
God didn't just create us to need Him, but also to need one another. As image-bearers of the Triune God, we are created for community, so we must commit to pursuing one another even as we pursue Christ together. At Requiem, this happens in our Gospel Communities, as we gather in homes on Sunday mornings to delight in Jesus, confess sin, apply the gospel to the struggles of real life, & encourage one another to grow to know, love, and follow Jesus by His grace.

Contact Us

If you want to be part of building a culture and sparking a movement to help suffering people find rest in a strong & beautiful God, we'd love to hear from you!